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Draft Gore Brings Active Campaign to an End

Over the last couple of years we have witnessed an unprecedented groundswell of support among the grassroots across America. By the hundreds of thousands you told us Al Gore is your candidate for President, and we did all we could to give a voice to this historic movement.

It is with the deepest regret therefore that we announce today that we cannot continue to actively campaign for a Gore candidacy. While Al Gore has still not made a definitive statement ruling out a candidacy, by now it is clear that he will not -- and in fact, cannot -- enter the primary campaign. As long as there was still time for Gore to put his name on ballots we were willing to fight, whatever the odds. That time has passed. A Gore candidacy is becoming a legal impossibility, as the deadlines for most key primaries and caucuses have passed. 

Since our stated goal has always been to try to influence his decision to enter this race, we cannot continue this effort in good conscience. While disappointed, we respect his right to live his life the way he wishes and know that he will continue to make enormous contributions to this world as he has over his entire career. Nor are we giving up all hope.

While we cannot anticipate any events right now that will reopen the door to a Gore candidacy in 2008, we know that in politics a few months is an eternity. Should something unpredictable happen before or during the convention, we'll be in a position to act. It is for that reason that we will not close our political action committee, will continue to maintain a web presence, and will continue running the Draft Gore Petition. But we will not accept contributions any longer, nor will we make an active effort to influence Al Gore's plans.

Whatever the future may hold, we will be eternally grateful to the hundreds of thousands of people who supported us and the thousands of you who helped make this movement felt across the country. You spoke truth to power and together we let the Democratic Party know who the people's choice for president really is. They heard us, and so has Al Gore.

Here's how the political director of Democrats for America recently described us and our candidate:

"The Draft Gore movement is inspiring. It's bold. Passionate. Committed. They've found a candidate that was against the war from the beginning, stands up for universal health care, and will fight to stop global warning. A man who is respected around the world with years of foreign policy experience. A candidate who ran before and won. The candidate that can win again."

We hope and trust that will happen, whether in 2008 or a later time, and that the man who was elected in 2000 will someday be inaugurated and allowed to serve. America will never again permit the Supreme Court to select our president.

Until then, we can all take comfort in knowing that history redeemed Al Gore and proved us right in our choice of a candidate. While George W. Bush will be remembered as the worst and most unpopular president in American history, Al Gore is regarded by the international community as the conscience of America -- and indeed, of the entire planet. He is respected internationally as much as any global leader, and more than most. And the Nobel Committee recognized Gore with the most prestigious honor in the world: the Nobel Peace Prize.

We still believe our country needs Al Gore in the highest office of the land. In a recent interview, he gave us reason to believe the dream is not over yet:

"If I do get back involved in the political system at some point in the future - well, keep that energy stored up and let's have a go at it then."

We at Draft Gore will be ready.